As It Comes

As it Comes: Talking Shops in Lancaster is a project by by Alice Angus of Proboscis (commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts in their Arts Talking Shop series, in partnership with Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce, Storey Gallery and Lancaster University.) It looks at and celebrates Lancaster’s Independent Traders. It continues Alice’s work on markets and shops looking at the communities and social ties they engender and the less processed relationship with commodities, food, and people; that is sometimes a step closer to traditional modes of production than the box stores and supermarkets that have come to be the norm.

Between July and November 2010 Alice will be working with historian Michael Winstanley, members of the local community, shopkeepers and market traders to produce new work that will be launched in Lancaster in November 2010.

2 responses

27 10 2010
Shelf Appeal

Lovely project, hope there might be some printed outcome at the end?

5 11 2010

Many thanks, there will be a set of StoryCubes and a book – I’ll post about them on the site, and how to get hold of them when they are finished.

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