21 10 2010

I’ve see a lot of skilled hands at work over the past couple of months and in my tests this week to find the right cloth for embroidering the final works I quickly stitched the hands of Jennifer Pritchard/Couchman a local bridal and dress designer.

Caroline and I spent time in her studio interviewing her, sketching and photographing her at work and I was surprised that she  stitches all the dresses herself, with these very hands. She was deftly at work, displaying great skill and speed with a pair of disturbingly pointy scissors. It made me think of the skills, crafts and care of the many traders I’ve met in Lancaster and the combination of old and new technologies found in their work.




3 responses

28 10 2010
serafina day

Hi Alice, the work looks very beautiful and poetic. I wish I could come to see the pieces in situ, perhaps you will post pics when done!. Good luck with it well done. What a great project . Sarah m – cloth of gold x

5 11 2010

Many thanks, I’ve really enjoyed doing the project and meeting the traders, I will post pics when done. There are also more pictures on my flickr site which you can get to via the blog.

9 11 2010
Jennifer Pritchard Couchman

Congratulations Alice !! This looks fabulous. Good luck with the launch, we’ll see you there! Jennifer xx

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