Introducing Mid Pennine Arts: Talking Shop

23 06 2010

I’m Lucy Green, and I manage the Mid Pennine Arts (MPA) Talking Shop programme.

A bit about MPA first: the organisation has been around for 40 years and is a driving force for the arts. We create and deliver high quality artistic programmes which integrate Visual Arts, Creative Learning and Public Realm. MPA is based in Burnley and carries out a lot of work locally, but also works county-wide across Lancashire on several of its programmes.

Talking Shop is one of these county-wide programmes, and is a creative regeneration project which uses a diverse range of arts tools to engage small local shops and businesses in selected Lancashire neighbourhoods to research and promote their social and economic importance and to creatively investigate the impacts of regeneration on their sustainability.

We’ve partnered with Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce, Storey Gallery and Lancaster University to commission Alice Angus to develop a Talking Shop project for Lancaster and As It Comes is the result.

We’re excited to see the work Alice produces and hope that the project encourages people to visit Lancaster and see all that it has to be proud of.




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